No one begins marriage thinking they will end up divorced, but things happen.

Whatever the reasons, you may find yourself deciding to seek a divorce.

Even in that situation, you may be inclined to trust your soon-to-be-ex spouse to deal with you fairly. After all, you married this person and have lived with him or her for some period of time. If you can’t trust this person, who can you trust?

But even those divorces which begin amicably have a way of becoming difficult when it comes down to the details and actually going through with things. Both of you will be emotionally stressed, and financial stress may soon follow.

Should you hire an attorney?


Everything about this situation is personal for you. You cannot possibly be objective. You may be someone who is inclined to avoid conflict and end up failing to represent yourself well. On the other hand, you may be so angry at your spouse that you overstep your legal rights and try to push for something unattainable in your desire to hurt that person who has hurt you.

Our experienced, professional attorneys here at The Werner Law Group can help.

Why are we able to help you with this divorce?

We have training in Family Law.

Family law, like many other legal specializations, can be complicated. Just as it might benefit you to have a trained and licensed professional handle your plumbing issues, your electrical issues or your medical issues, it is also wise to have certified professionals handle your legal issues.

We know the other professionals and offices involved in your case.

Experienced family law attorneys like those here at Werner Law have dealt with the other legal professionals in our area. And we know and have experience working with the legal system in our area.

That gives us the knowledge and relationships to smoothly follow your divorce case through the court system. That type of experience helps turn road blocks into speed bumps.

We have the qualifications.

Leslie Werner, herself, is board certified in appellate law, and she has dedicated her professional life to helping people with all types of family law issues – including divorce.

What does it take to qualify as Board Certified in Appellate Law?

  • Practice law full time for at least 5 years as an active member of the State Bar of Texas
  • At least 3 years of Civil Appellate Law experience, with a yearly minimum of 25% substantial involvement in procedure and substantive law as related to appellate proceedings
  • Handled at least 12 Civil Appellate cases that meet substantive requirements
  • Qualified vetted references from judges and lawyers in the area
  • Complete 60 hours of TBLS approved continuing legal education in Civil Appellate Law
  • Meet all of the TBLS Standards for Attorney Certification
  • Pass a comprehensive 6-hour examination in Civil Appellate Law.

Leslie went through all of that (above and beyond the rigors of law school) because she truly cares about serving her clients and their family law needs.

Spending a little now can save you much more in the future.

Some people think they will come out ahead financially by acting as their own attorney in their divorce. You may have heard that old saying about this which is attributed to various people including Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin. 😉

Unfortunately, because of their lack of experience with the law (and specifically this type of family law), people who aren’t represented by competent trained attorneys in their divorces may discover they have missed certain important information included in their divorce decree. This can cost them much more years down the line when new issues arise and they are blindsided by things which could have been prevented in the first place.

You’ll have more peace of mind.

Divorces are painful, but having a trained professional attorney to represent your interests in court can remove all the added pain of trying to make sure you’ve covered everything needed to conclude your case fairly. 

The attorneys you hire represent you, and only you, as their first priority. They will look out for your interests and guide you through the entire process to make sure you are treated fairly – making the best of a difficult situation.

Are you, or someone you know, about to go through a divorce? You can contact our caring professionals here at Werner Law by calling 361-578-7200, visiting the contact page here at or even texting Leslie directly at 361.648.6888 if that’s your preference.

We exist to help people like you.