In some circumstances, divorces are inevitable and the best option for both parties involved. Even when this is true, there is no denying that divorces change peoples’ lives. In many circumstances, divorces impact the kids the hardest. Let’s take a look at how a divorce can affect a child.  

Changes in Behaviour

For some children, a divorce announcement is the worst news, regardless of how old they may be. Unfortunately, many children do not have any idea how to mentally or emotionally process a Divorce. This unprocessed pain can sometimes times result in emotional and behavioural changes. 

Loss of interest in social activities

Some divorces lead to children having less time with their parents, children of divorce may have difficulty relating to other kids and their familial dynamics, causing isolation. They may be mimicking their parents’ divorce by separating from their friends. Although there are ways to address situations like this, it is up to the parents to understand the delicate nature of the situation and talk to their children. 

Difficulty adapting to change

Through divorce, children can be forced to adapt to many new changes that they may find exceedingly difficult to adapt to. Some of the changes that children can find difficult are new family dynamics, new house or living situations, a new school, a loss of friends, and many more.

Emotionally sensitive:

While compartmentalizing is often a necessary part of life, most kids find it more difficult than adults do. When kids have difficulty compartmentalizing the news of a divorce, their anger, sadness, or anxiety becomes evident in other areas. They may begin to lash out, get upset very quickly, begin to emotionally shut down, or become depressed. All of which could be frustrating for parents, teachers, and friends.

How Does Divorce and Custody Decisions Impact a Child’s Education?

Parents with legal custody have the right to make educational decisions on behalf of their children. Therefore, a parent with sole legal custody can enrol or unenroll his or her child in private or public school – or even home-school – even if the other parent disagrees. Hence, legal custody drastically impacts a child’s education, but so does physical custody. 

When a parent has sole physical custody of a child and moves to a new city, the child may have to move with the parent, changing schools, losing friends and their support system. Unfortunately, many kids perform worse in school after a divorce; however, it is arguable that this is because of a lack of support and understanding and less from the direct result of the divorce process. Getting upset about their grades in this scenario may only make things worse. Therefore, think about what it means to advocate for your child during this time, and make sure to support them and answer all their questions. 

Need an Attorney That Represents You and Your Kids?

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