Anyone who dreams of becoming a parent should take the necessary steps to turn that dream into a reality. Adoption is a beautiful way to build a family.

One of the options potential adoptive parents explore is Out of State Adoption. Out-of-state adoptions occur when a child is born in one state and will be adopted by parents living in another state. One of the rules that must be followed is that both states must give approval through the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC). Our firm is knowledgeable about both sides of the process, and we have extensive experience working with the ICPC.

The potential adoptive parents will work with an adoption agency and/or an attorney in another state to match them with a likely birth parent. There are several verified and registered adoption agencies that can conduct the home study and provide post-placement services.

How Does Out of State Adoption Happen?

The adoptive parents will locate and contact an out of state agency or attorney who will assist with matching them to a birth parent. Some states require an adoption agency, while other states allow attorneys to facilitate adoptions. Adoptive parents will work with this agency/attorney and their adoption agency to complete the home study process. It is the adoptive parent’s responsibility to comply with the requirements of both states. Due to the technicalities surrounding this type of adoption, it is strongly advised that you use both a verified and registered adoption agency and experienced family law attorneys. 

We will work directly with your out of state agency to comply with the requirements of that state and the state’s requirements for a home study. Some agencies work with birth parents in various states; therefore, each situation will be different. The birth parent will work with an agency or adoption worker in his or her state to prepare her for the adoption process.

Texas Adoption Requirements

The exact requirements for adoption that a prospective parent must meet to be approved to adopt in the state of Texas will vary depending on the type of adoption you want, and to a lesser extent, the professional you work with. For example, if you are in the United States and are going to adopt a child from foster care in Texas, you will have to meet a different set of requirements than someone adopting internationally. Understanding the different requirements for adoption in Texas is one of the first steps for anyone considering adoption.

Remember, different adoption professionals may set their requirements for hopeful parents wishing to adopt. Speak with any adoption professional you are considering to determine whether you meet their requirements and whether any exceptions can be made.

To find out if you meet the qualifications for adoption in Texas or to start the adoption process, contact our adoption support team today; we would be delighted to help your dreams of being a parent come true. Leslie can be reached by text seven days a week at 361-648-6888.