There are many reasons individuals decide to get divorced. Whether it is due to irreconcilable differences or financial problems, the most common causes of divorce vary on your situation. Today, we go over the leading causes of divorce in 2021, to hopefully provide some insight on what not to do to maintain a fulfilling and loving marriage.

Financial issues

Financial problems affect any kind of partnership and cause unwanted stress and strain. Most disputes that couples have are due to some type of financial conflict. If you and your spouse have different budgeting habits, or one of you does not want to budget at all, this could lead to more tension in the marriage. Additionally, not being clear about financial goals for the future could leave one spouse with expectations that cannot be met.

There is also the additional stress of dealing with a loved one who has lost his/her job or is going through some type of a mid-life crisis. Many couples saw this happen during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many individuals losing their sense of identity as they had to search for new work.


Infidelity can cause irreparable damage to a relationship. Whether this is emotional or physical infidelity, the effects can hurt a relationship beyond repair. While some married couples choose to stick it out and go through therapy together to gain a better understanding of the infidelity, others decide to call it quits. Around 20% of men and women have committed at least one act of adultery during their lives.


Domestic abuse is, unfortunately, another reason couples throw in the towel. Domestic abuse may look like verbal, physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse. It could also be bullying or withholding certain privileges from your spouse. This abuse may trickle down to other individuals in your family unit as well, such as children.

If you feel that you are in danger due to domestic abuse, call 911. You can also contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 for more resources.

Getting married too young

People change a lot during a lifetime. When a couple gets married at a very young, they may start to drift apart after a while. Also, couples who tend to get married younger may marry for the wrong reasons, such as doing it to make their family happy or because they feel it is what they should do. Sometimes a couple finds that the want different lives or want to separate after 5 or 10 years together.

Lack of support

Lack of support from either your family or your spouse’s family could break a marriage. This is because when you are married you share a lot with each other, including family time. If your family does not like your spouse, this could be uncomfortable and cause a rift in your relationship with them. Additionally, if your spouse’s family does not like you, you may feel pressure to be someone else around them. If you cannot show up as yourself, you may find yourself growing resentful of your partner.


It is difficult to stay married to someone who wants to have children if you do not. Children are expensive and time-consuming, and while they are a blessing to most couples, having them if you are not entirely sure if you want them is not fair to you.

Health issues

Severe health issues that require one spouse to devote his/her life to the other can take a toll on this spouse. This is unfortunate but sometimes one spouse does not have the capacity or means to deal with the other spouse’s health issues. While this is not true for every couple, it is a reason some couples file for divorce.

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