When conducting a trial of your case, it is advisable to have an appeal attorney to either be the attorney conducting your trial or an appeal lawyer to act as a consultant at trial.  This is mainly because an appeal attorney can spot and identify issues that are ripe for appeal should you receive a negative ruling at trial.  An appeal attorney can object to specific issues of law that are ruled on by the trial judge such that if they are either sustained or overruled, they will be able to be brought up on appeal.  Without properly objecting and litigating these issues of law, they cannot be presented to appeals court.  This is because the appeals court is limited in their review of the trial proceedings by only reviewing the trial court’s record and transcript of the trial proceedings.  Further, the appeal attorney can help elicit the proper testimony from witnesses on the facts of the case that would aid the appeals court in deciding an appeal by weighing the important facts of the case against the ruling of the trial court.  For these reasons, having an appeal attorney trying to your case or having an appeal attorney consulting on your case is advisable to increase your success on appeal should you decide to appeal the judgment in your case.

Leslie A. Werner is the only attorney in Victoria County Board Certified in Appeals by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She has worked for two different Courts of Appeals as both a staff attorney and research attorney. If you need a passionate, seasoned appellate attorney to consult on your case or to file an appeal on your behalf, text with Leslie seven days a week at 361-648-6888