Parenting can be hectic!

It can become even more so when you have twins. Parents should always be able to rely on help from the educational system. Parents of twins face a dilemma concerning their children and school. Should they be together in the same class or be separated into different classes? There is no clear-cut answer, as every set of twins is different, and the “right” choice may vary from year to year. Parents are often boxed into a corner by the school system when it comes to making decisions. 

According to EDUC 25.043, the parent of multiple birth siblings (twin, triplet, quadruplet, etcetera) who are assigned to the same grade level and school may request in writing, not later than the 14th day after the first day of enrollment, that the school place the siblings in the same classroom or separate classrooms. The school is mandated by law to provide the multiple birth siblings with the classroom placement requested by the parent. If you’re trying to decide the best option for your twins, consider the following reasons to keep them in the same classroom. 

First, it ensures consistency. Over some time, twins become accustomed to living in the same environment and using the same things. If they have the same teachers and classmates, it ensures that they have a consistent learning experience. It also makes life more convenient for their parents or guardians. As stated earlier, parenting can be quite hectic. Thus, any avenue to lift or lighten the burden is always appreciated. With twins in the same grade, at the same time, you only have to deal with one set of assignments, tests, and teachers. 

More so, it allows for support. Staying in the same class allows the twins to work as a team when it concerns academic activities. They can rely on each other’s strengths and cover each other’s weaknesses. When one is absent, the other may struggle. In many cases, the situation may change or evolve, but it’s still a factor to consider in their classroom placement. 

Furthermore, it helps to limit distractions. When twins can work independently in the presence of the other, being together in the same class can be a booster for them. For some twins, however, the presence of their siblings can be a distraction and a potential deterrent to effective learning.

Section (d), (e), and (f) of EDUC 25.043 provides that the principal of the school, in consultation with the class teacher, can determine the appropriate placement for the twins if the requested placement is disruptive to the school. A parent may appeal the principal’s classroom placement of the kids in the manner provided by school district policy. During an appeal, the kids will remain in the classroom chosen by the parent. Also, the school may recommend to a parent, the appropriate classroom placement for the multiple birth siblings and may provide professional educational advice to assist the parent with the decision regarding appropriate classroom placement.

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