Adoption is one of the simplest, noblest, and most caring acts in the world. If this is the idea, how then do we explain the adoption of an adult? Why would anyone adopt an adult?

For starters, it is important to understand that the adoption of an adult requires the same legal procedure as adopting a child. Upon adoption, the court issues a birth certificate that reflects the parentage of the adopted parents. The effect of this is that legal relationship with the adopted person’s original parents is broken and the adopted person may seek to change their surname to reflect the adoption. There are several concrete reasons why people choose to adopt adults. Often, these reasons concern their parents. 

The most popular reason for adopting adults is succession. Typically, when a person is setting up a will, it is easier to leave their estate to a family member. Thus, a person who seeks to give his estate to a grown adult who is not his biological child or relative may seek to adopt such an adult. Or, a person may choose an adult over the option of a child because they trust the adult to do a better job of administering their estate upon passing. This implies that while the parents may not have a ready successor, they may actively search for an adult who they will adopt.

Another reason people may consider adopting an adult is for the sake of caregiving. Mentally or physically challenged parents may need relatives to be around them and give care. In some cases, especially where the parents are older, they may prefer care from relatives rather than professional caregivers. Such parents might need relatives who can make medical decisions on their behalf, or sign consent forms for surgeries. Thus, they may opt for adults who are capable as a matter of legal issues.

Another reason people choose adult adoption is to legitimize biological relationships. There are situations where parents are unaware of their child until that child is an adult. Such as a child born out of wedlock. A parent may choose to officially adopt their stepchild. When situations like this occur, the process of adoption may be employed to legitimize their biology.

Typically, several requirements must be satisfied for the adult adoption process. These requirements vary from state to state. That is why the process of adult adoption should be navigated by professionals.At The Werner Law Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to guide our clients through the delicate plains of family law. We have built our reputation through years of hard work, a passion for justice, and empathy for our clients. We willing and ready to guide you through your adult adoption process. Reach out to us, and let’s write a beautiful family story together.