In Texas, there are many adoption agencies that exist which help an expectant mother and prospective adoptive parents transition into the adoption process.  If a mother is pregnant, an adoption agency is an option that allows the expectant mother to find a home for their child while ensuring the child will be loved and cared for. Adoption through a private agency brings together a mother with a family looking to adopt a child.

When a mother is pregnant, the adoption option may seem out of reach. But the reality is that adoption is open to expectant mothers of all ages and backgrounds. Unlike the other options on this list, adoption is free for the expectant mother. Plus, many agencies cover pregnancy-related medical expenses and help with housing and living expenses along the way. It can be helpful to get adoption guidance and advice before making this decision. This way, the mother knows what to expect and figure out if this path is right for you.

With different types of adoption and the ability to customize the adoption plan, the mother is in control of the process. She can choose the family or not—it’s up to her. She can meet them before delivery or not—it’s up to her. She can have ongoing contact with them or not—it’s up to her. She is in charge of her decision.

As for private firm adoptions, these typically begin with the prospective adoptive parents hire a law firm and file a petition for termination of parental rights and adoption of a child through the firm they hire with the courts.  Then, the mother and father sign affidavits of voluntary relinquishment which are revocable for 11 days and then become irrevocable.  After this, an adoption study is done, and the adoptive parents go into court after completion of the study to complete the termination and adoption.  While firms cost money to hire versus an adoption agency, the firms cater to the adoptive parents whereby the agencies cater to the expectant mother.  In addition, the firms can get the process accomplished sooner than an agency as clients in firms tend to take priority over services provided by an adoption agency. If you have more questions about adoption or intervening in a foster parent situation, text with Leslie today!